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Electoral Insights Application (EIA)

This Application is a One Stop Solution for a Political Party or Candidate. It is a Hi-Tech Software inbuilt with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which makes the Election journey faster and easier for you. It is an Online Data Analytics based Electoral Insights Application (EIA) integrated with open-source intelligence and maps. EIA can be accessed Anywhere, Anytime. Extremely useful, especially when you are out of the Constituency or Stuck in multiple tasks.


EIA Features

  • Party/Candidate wise Sentiment Analysis
  • Party/District wise 24*7 Live Updates
  • Constituency Profiling and Insights
  • Research and Survey based Caste Analysis
  • Castewise Social and Political Issues
  • Intelligence insights essential for Campaign
  • Past Elections AC PC-wise Analysis
  • Constituency/Districtwise Administrative issues
  • Booths Level Analysis
  • Public Opinion Survey Infographics
  • Challenges and Recommendations

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Political Reputation is more about what politicians do and say, and it is all about what voters want to see when voting for a Politician in mainly Urban Pockets. How does confirmation bias affect politics?

For Example - If you are a supporter of Party X, you will support and remember information that affirms you in support of Party X. Your brain would work this way.

Or suppose you come across a few unpleasant facts about Party X. In that case, you will overlook it, forget it, ignore it, or somehow sync the unpleasantness of those facts into your overall support of Party X. You will support Party X's candidate, watch news or debates that support Party X, and attend rallies sponsored by Party X. Thus, we further help with Your Facebook or Social Media newsfeed that would have a more daily influx of positive information regarding X Party.

At the same time, to make your Reputation and Build your Image further, we need to pushback the negative news about You from Google's first page and show the positive ones and work on Building your Positive Image and Extend it to a level where Neutral or Even Your Anti Voter start tilting towards you this is how we help to shape their perception and incline those voters to You through building your Online Reputation.

So, this is how political reputations are formed and how they remain firmly implanted in the human psyche. And we are here to make and implement this strategy for You.

Leader Centric Tech Based Campaigning

We offer the latest Tech based solution, which gives a Great Digital Push to an Online Campaign. In this segment, we offer a few services, including Leader Digital Presence, Leader Website, Leader Wikipedia Page, Branding & Leader app. which has all the required information in a place that is essential for Rapport Building and to attach on Social Handles that gives a better and broader look to the Constituents about their You.

Our team of professionals helps you win the elections by planning, organizing and implementing your election.


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